Woman Sergeant 1533 Ernestine Salter has called on the judiciary for a speedy trial of one Jonathan Decker, who allegedly murdered her husband, Samuel Salter, in December last year.


Police at the Criminal Investigation Department headquarters had charged the accused to court on one count of murder contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone, but he denied the charges.

The accused was arraigned before Magistrate Alford Fedawei at the Freetown Magistrates’ Court No.7 at Siaka Stevens Street.

According to Police Prosecutor Sergeant Diawo J., the accused on Wednesday, 16 December, 2015 murdered Samuel Salter at 117 Pademba Road.

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Second prosecution witness, Patrick Johnson, 11, last Friday told the court that he recognised the accused person as their neighbour. He said on the day of the incident he was sent by the deceased to clean the backyard of their house.

He said the accused then confronted and instructed him not to wash the wastes within the compound. He told the court that the deceased came down the stairs and an argument ensued between them.

“After arguing for some time, the accused went up and brought a cutlass and said he will cut the deceased. But the deceased didn’t take him serious so he turned his back and moved. The accused rushed at him and cut him in the head with a cutlass and my father dropped on the ground,” said the witness in tears.

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Meanwhile, the accused has been remanded in custody while the preliminary investigation continues in the lower court.

The prosecution has lined-up eight witnesses, although the magistrate said he would only take one more witness and commit the matter to the High Court, if there is sufficient evidence to warrant the committal.