Head of the Media at the Kenema Regional Police Headquarter, Sergeant 10322 Prince Bernard Jaygboi Kamara has informed the press that one Fayia Vandi of Dambalu village in the Kissi Tongi chiefdom in Kailahun district is currently in police custody for allegedly murdering his wife.

Kailahun Town

He disclosed that Fayia Vandi has made a confessional statement to the Police in Kailahun that on the 7th July, 2016 he had an encounter with his wife, Watta Vandi while on their farm. He stated that his wife had requested some money from him in order to seek medication and he refused giving the money saying he had no money. .

He indicated that a heated argument ensued between them during which the wife hit him with fire wood and he retaliated by giving the wife a hard push which made her fall flat on the ground and could no longer get up and he left her on the farm and went to town.

He further explained that he left the woman in the farm and went home. The woman later struggled on her own to go home, but that she collapsed on her way and was only rescued by two men who were also on their way to the village.

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Police sources furthered that the two passers-by, who are now prosecution witnesses, confessed to them that shortly before her death, the wife said she was mercilessly beaten by her husband though the husband claimed that he only pushed her.

Sierraloaded gathered the men took the woman in a hammock but that she died before they reach her home. The matter was then reported to the police and the accused has since been detained.