The World Bank Country Director for Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Henry Kerali has said the contract agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and the Peoples Repubic of China for a construction of an international airport at Mamama is not timely.


Kerali last friday told journalists at a news conference held at the World Bank Office in Freetown that both the Bank and IMF has advised the government not go ahead with the Mamama Airport Projects for now on grounds that it is not timely thinking of the country’s post ebola era.

“Mamama Airport Project timing is not now” Kerali advised, adding that, when the immediate priorities are address and the economic and micro situation are stabilize then the government would be thinking of constructing a new airport , the world bank director told journalists at a news conference.

He said government has consented to foccus on immediate priorities for now which are recovery from ebola, energy sector, agriculture, education ,private sector and the business environment.