Makeni is known as the ‘city of light’ because residents enjoyed uninterrupted power supply, of late, it seemed as if electricity is now a rare commodity, thus the city has lost its glorious nomenclature.

Makeni Sierra Leone


“The ‘city of light’ is now the city of darkness,” said J.S. Sankoh, the Chiefdom Administrative Clerk during a just concluded tour by the Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Commission (SLEWRC), in three main cities Bo, Kenema and Makeni.

The Chiefdom Administrative Clerk said as a result of improper electricity supply, properties in the chiefdom has been destroyed and houses have gone up in flames.

He said water and electricity are very important utilities for and rationing is a terrible thing because people are in need of adequate supplies of both utilities.

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Makeni is without water supply; we’ve seen SALWACO digging all over the place yet still there is no water. We the chiefdom authorities want to see that all the 14 chiefdoms with the other added chiefdoms received adequate supply of water and electricity so that communication and health would be easily available to locals in the other chiefdoms.

Deputy Chairman of the Bombali District Council John Dito Kamara also emphasized that water is life and electricity is key to development. He pointed out that there are serious issues with regards to “customer satisfaction” in providing these utilities for the district.

He explained that since the division of the energy ministry from that of the water resources Makeni has been tagged the city of light and people have been accustomed to it and were paying their bill since electricity provision is a business. However, he noted that electricity supply has been awful.

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He said there is what is called performance expectation and satisfaction “when the performance is below what people are expecting it’s a total disappointment. When the performance is equal expectation of the people there is satisfaction and when performance is above expectation there is excitement,” he explained.

Also pointing out that this is not happen and he is glad that these utilities regulators are on the ground to have first hand information on what is going on in the District.

The Director General SLEWRC Tamba Kellie said they are would be regulating both quality and prices of these utilities in order to makes that it is affordable and of good quality.