“You journalists should help convey our plight to the Presidency. As you can see, it is over 6 years now that I have not received the due increment on my salary; others are being paid more than us. Sometimes I trek to work and if you don’t go to work here, they will issue you query, so what is happening here in Makeni is bad”.


This kind of lamentation is just a glimpse of terrible pains and pang the issue of non-payment of salaries, allowance and pension has been inflicting on public workers in the President Koroma’s led governments since the inception of the second term in year 2012.

Alhassan Mansaray, a Mathematics teacher at St. Francis Secondary school in Makeni who is a victim of the situation spoke exclusively to Sierraloaded on this issue.

Mansaray explained that the Minister of Education, Dr. Minkailu Bah has failed in his responsibility in appropriately reassessing teachers salaries as at when due.

“For over six years now Dr. Minkailu BAH has refused to consider reassessment of teachers salaries that have completed their further studies and come back to the classroom upon completion of our further studies.”

“Dr. Bah has put us in a funny and provocative situation among our colleagues and even people who did understand the issue. We the affected teachers feel disappointed and stressed when some of our college mates and even our former Students whom we have the same qualifications now been paid more than us because we are deprived of salary reassessment.”

Narrating the situation further, He added: “We are crying for help. With my HTC I am paid Le 616,000 instead of Le 920,000.

“This disappointing situation has forced many experienced teachers to leave the classroom and put especially the Science subjects in a critical situation especially for exams classes.” Mansaray said.

While calling on the Minister and Ministry of Education to consider their plea, Mansaray said,  “Now that they are recruiting new teachers we want the ministry to consider us and allow us to get our correct salary scale like our colleagues in the same teaching profession.”