The Judiciary of Sierra Leone is presently battling with image crisis with regards how it is handing down justice without fair or favor.

Magistrate Fisher

This is the opinion in the public as several opportunities have been given to the Judiciary of Sierra Leone to clean itself for which they have wasted all those opportunities.

What is now the discussion amongst lawyers is how Magistrate Fisher who was indicted for corruption, convicted and later vindicated by the Appeals Court has been suffering injustice by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission.

These situation has created fear in the minds of many people that when one served Sierra Leone in good faith, one will be repay negatively.

It could be recalled that in 2008, Magistrate Fisher was indicted with 20 counts charges of corruption related offences and he was convicted by the Higher Court of Sierra Leone.

Magistrate Fisher who believed that he was not corrupt and that he was a victim of a judicial ploy filed in an appeal on the 28 of July 2014 and was exonerated by the courts.

In the judgment, the Court of Appeal of Sierra Leone made two distinguished orders which are,” that the conviction of the appellant in the court below is hereby quashed and any fine that may have been paid by the appellant shall be refunded to him.”

When he was charged for corruption offences, Adrian Fisher stepped aside to allow unfettered access to the investigation.

Upon his conviction, the Judicial and Legal Service Commission in a letter written to Magistrate Fisher on November 19 2012 stated that it has terminated the services of Magistrate Fisher which according to them is due to “the 10th of June you were found guilty and convicted on twenty (20) counts of funds contrary to section 12 (1) of the Anti Corruption Act 2000 as amended.”

Upon his exoneration, the same Judicial and Legal Service Commission has refused to recalled Magistrate Fisher on the reasons that the decision for which his services were terminated have been overturned by the Court of Appeal of Sierra Leone.

To be continued…