As Emmerson performed live last night in Magburaka, the ‘Munku’ Government of Ernest Bai Koroma is poised to switch on the lights in the township for the first time in over 30 years, Sheriff Mamud Ismail writes.

Emmerson Bockaire

The people of Magburaka are currently in an explosive mood as the government provides them a thermal plant ahead of the independence celebration. This plant would serve as a back up to the electricity that will be serving the township from Bumbuna. Reports indicate that the lights will be switched on on Independence Day.

The people of Magburaka, and many others across the country, have great reason to celebrate independence under President Koroma and the mood in the township is explosive all in appreciation of the transformation that has taken place in Magburaka. This once neglected district headquarter town has become a truly urban town with tarred roads, street lights, a referral hospital and pipe borne water.

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For Pa Santigie Kargbo, a 60 year old man who has lived all his life in Magburaka; ”It’s better to have a Munku government that brings development to us than to have a so-called elite government whose legacy remains a bunch of lofty intensions”.

Pa Santigie is not the only Sierra Leonean with such strong views. ”Since independence, the only time we experience infrastructural development in Magburaka is when the APC is in power,” said Ya Marie another resident of Magburaka.

From Kailahun, to Pujehun, Bo, Moyamba, Kono to Magburaka, the evidence is for all to see that President Koroma is on course with his agenda to transform this country.

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Mohamed Kamara, 25 is very upbeat: ”Say what you may, sing all you want, the people appreciate this ‘Munku’ government of transformation”.

Infrastructural development is not the only strength of this government. President Koroma and his administration have shown what many describe as elastic level of political tolerance to opposition. To underscore his level of tolerance and how this government ensures freedom of speech and association, Emmerson last night enjoyed the liberty to perform his highly critical song against the establishment in a traditionally APC stronghold without any harassment.

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”Yet he sang and misinformed that freedom of speech is suppressed in this country while his album is being openly sold all around, what an Irony?” one observer asked rhetorically.

”While he remains open and prepared to take every constructive criticism in stride; President Koroma will not be distracted by any smoky propaganga”, said Presidential Spokesman, Abdulai Bayraytay.

For the people of Magburaka, electricity, good roads, access to health care and pipe borne water are among the issues that are important to them not a biased musical lamentation.