Life in the slum communities can be disastrous when flooding occurs along the coastal areas or boulders roll down from high slopes and crushing dwellings.

Magazine Wharf Disaster 2

This was exactly the pathetic situation on 6th December when a rolling boulder destroyed houses and killed people within the populated slum community of Magazine Wharf.

This community is now viewed as a disaster prone area as in September 2015,it also experienced a flooding that claimed the lives of many people and leaving others homeless.

This recent disaster destroyed three houses,killing at least six people and leaving five seriously injured.


Speaking to John B.Kamara a youth who witnessed this ugly incidence at Magazine Wharf (Dewu), three houses were decimated and also left a six month old pregnant woman injured.

The youths were very active clearing piles of mud and rock searching for victims. It is believed that some bodies are still under the rock as most people were watching television in the evening hours that Sunday when they heard a dreadful sound and eventually noticed that the rock has moved from its position.


Mr.Wilfred Kamara, a community elder and a Senior Teacher of Bishop Johnson Memorial Secondary School explained that he saw a thick dust and heard a loud sound.

Magazine Wharf Disaster 1

When they rushed to the scene they discovered that the rock had fallen on the top of three houses,one which was concrete and the two of Zinc (pan body).

Those who lost their lives and the seriously injured were rushed to the Connaught and Emergency Hospital.