Hi All, I have two clarifications which I will state at end of this piece.

*But first, here is my latest:* ?

It is very clear to all mathematical analysts that just as I predicted, there is going to be a RUN-OFF Election. And again, just as I predicted, it is going to be between the APC and the SLPP.

A shocking truth?? however, is that in the last few days prior to Tuesday March 6th, I had intimated my close persons that, *Julius Maada Bio will win the elections at the First Ballot.* Just ask anyone I am close to and they will confirm I had quietly projected that based on my SWOT ANALYSIS from across Sierra Leone, the SLPP’s presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio will get above 55% of the valid votes cast at First Ballot. *I only changed my quiet predictions on Tuesday March 6th 2018 after two developments finally happened.* These two events were ironically NOT to the pleasure of the APC but factually, they are what actually may have saved the APC from a defeat at the First Rounds. So what are these developments which may have stopped SLPP’s Maada Bio from winning over 55% of the Votes on March 7th 2018?

Here they are:

1. The wise decision of the Supreme Court to adjourn the Yumkella matter and not disqualify Yumkella as the APC had wanted. *I had predicted that if Yumkella got disqualified, the backlash against APC would have seen most Yumkella supporters vote vehemently for Julius Maada Bio.*

2. The eventual realization that the APC-endorsed vehicular restriction was going to affect MAINLY the APC Voter Turnout and no other party will be so gravely and so disproportionately affected by the universal vehicular ban by Police. *The relaxing of the restrictions on Tuesday to allow, firstly private unaccredited vehicles containing infirmed persons and secondly, an unlimited allowance of KEHKEH commercial tricycle vehicles, greatly helped to boost the percentage of turnout in APC strongholds of Western Urban and Western Rural areas plus Makeni and Port Loko cities.* One can only imagine the numerical effect if so many APC voters had not been able to go and vote in Freetown, its peninsular areas and other North-Western towns and cities!!! We all know that nobody in SLPP-dominated Bo and Kenema were going to obey the ban anyway! The only areas where such a mischievous universal ban would have been obeyed were APC areas like Freetown, Makeni and Port Loko… The APC should thank God that wiser heads prevailed! Otherwise the depressed voter turnout would have meant a huge chunk of APC numbers lost. And naturally, the amount needed to reach 55% of actual voters who turned out, would have been much less. With SLPP areas not obeying the ban, the SLPP numbers would have been beefed up numerically as compared to APC areas with lower numbers due to APC voters not being able to be transported to polling stations. That was all averted when common sense prevailed.

?‍♂⚽??‍♂ _Fambul dem, na so Maada miss for score en turnoboh APC_
If any of the two above actions which the *SHORT-SIGHTED ONES* inside the APC had been pushing for (through the influence of clever trojan horses), had gone through, *there may have been nothing on earth which might have stopped a Julius Maada Bio victory at the First Rounds.*

If the APC allows those *TROJAN HORSES* that are firmly embedded within the APC to continue to be the strategic thinkers for the APC, then they will continue to mess up the APC and for sure, the RUN-OFFS will be handed to Julius Maada Bio. For the past 5 years now, Trojan Horses have been slowly but surely dictating things within APC. This is how the APC has lost so much of the people’s confidence. Governance has been carefully tailored to make the APC become unpopular whilst keeping the APC in a cocoon of comfort shielded away from the growing disenchantment of those who voted them in.

So, right now, the task at hand for the APC is for them to identify these TROJAN HORSES and swiftly isolate them from the party’s Strategic Thinking direction. I must however say that it may be _”Mission Impossible”_ given the depths within which these Trojan Horses have been allowed to embed themselves by the ones at helm of the APC. These Trojan Horses have demonized and sidelined the true APCers and like the viruses they are, they have effectively taken over
much of the nucleus of the APC. So to isolate them will be tough. And if that is the case, then we all have to prepare for *His Excellency Julius Maada Bio, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.*



Secondly, I did not run-away from Freetown. I was invited since January this year to give a Talk as part of a week-long seminar of International Women’s Day celebrations by a certain renowned organisation. I was to fly out on Tuesday but I informed my Hosts that I had to vote first. Check with AIR FRANCE office in Freetown and you will learn my ticket was issued since March 2nd. So I did not hastily run away as some falsely propagate. It is just that I am smart, (very, very smart) in how I carry on my life so if you are outside my close-knit circle, you can never predict me. That is why when people are planted on me to report back to their handlers, I just smile and allow them to take information but only the information that I wish them to feed back to those who sent them.

Goodnight to all from Europe!
*Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, OOR*
Saturday 10th March 2018