History was made in Freetown, Capital of Sierra Leone today, where former SLPP flagbearer and presidential candidate, Rt. Brig. Julius Maada Bio officially declared his intention to contest in the 2018 elections.

The well celebrated event which was held at the Sierra Leone Parliament house today, Wednesday October 11, 2017 saw tens of thousands of fans come out to support the vibrant opposition politician.

In his landmark address to the nation the iron fisted, disciplined, charismatic and visionary leader conspicuously unfolded some of his dreams for the positive transformation of this nation. He stated that sierra Leone has awaken and will never sleep again neither slumber, if we should change the face and image of this nation there is no better time but now, I will restore the past glories of our beloved nation and will stop at nothing in ensuring that the least man at least can afford three standard meals a day.

“Throughout my life I have and will forever remain committed to the continual progression of this nation,if any man is well experienced and grounded on the political dynamics to serve this nation in the capacity of a president for now I think I will be that man cause I have the tenacity, proclivity and inexhaustible will to bring change that is why I have assemble the best political programs and initiative in the whole of the African continent.

“The paopa philosophy is grounded on the utilitarian principle and unrelentingly seeks to maximize the welfare of the state and the people and that is the more reason why the paopa movement is the greatest inner political institution and structure in the sub region with such an ambitious project,that is in fact the reason he,Maada Bio the leader and initiator of this movement has invariably pleaded with the people and times without numbers humbly crave on the indulgence of the populace to join forces to fight the evils stagnating development in this nation.”

Recently, he stated that sierra Leone has now awaken and the days of suffering, retrogression, abject poverty and the suppression of the poor, the aggressive marginalisation of students and other groups of persons in this country is now over, we will settle for nothing less but the best says Maada Bio, he further stated that of cause its not a day’s job neither a matter of years for the transformation of this country but with the unflinching support,willingness and indiscriminate corporation of the people such a dream will eventually materialized, he says definitely a new and prosperous country will not fall down from heaven neither should we hope of inheriting it but we should put our differences aside and work assiduously and relentlessly to transform the face of our nation and this will require taking strict and discipline decisions,empowering our youths,creating a middle income economy, realising a universal healthcare policy, strengthening our institutions and tailoring the excesses and extravagant expenditures of state functionaries.

If we must survive as a nation and if we should realise our full potentials, then we must be ready to move from our comfort zones and make sure that the work is done,America we all admire today is not great because they have many and marketable natural resources but because few men made uncomfortable and selfless decisions for the interest of the nation and this men today are and will be proud for the selfless sacrifices they made for their country. In his closing remarks Maada Bio stated that he is motivated by the sufferings and resilience of the ordinary man on the street like the okada riders, the abacha women,the omorlankay riders,the beggers and down to the jobless,he nearly shed tears that after ten years and all his sacrifices to restore democracy and the rule of law in our nation,the country still cannot be termed a democratic state neither does it falls comparatively within the scope and threshold of other developing nations especially when it comes to issues like sustainable energy, food and self sufficiency,security, quality education, enviable healthcare delivery system ,proper and planned infrastructural development,for example Ghana is quite impressive.

Maada Bio stated that sierra Leone can and will be great again, today we can boast of nothing except scavenging for loans,with the help of Allah we will build this nation again and once more in Jesus’ name sierra Leone will become the Athen of not just west Africa but Africa as a whole and the ordinary Sierra Leonean will be proud to call himself a sierra leonean and will takes pride in it,we will occupy an unimaginable place in the world arena and sierra Leone will no longer be a donor reliant economy but a nation that funds other struggling nations.

Maada Bio is expected to join five candidates are vying for the post of flag bearer of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s party in their flagbearer election scheduled to be held this weekend.