On Saturday 31st March 2018 our nation was confronted with a democratic choice: whether we embrace change or choose the path of continuity. Our determination as a people for a NEW DIRECTION has been evident through the provisional results across the country. Collectively, we have rejected the politics of hate speech, tribalism and regionalism. We are one country, one people.

In the face of the heightened level of intimidation and the unprecedented level of deployment of armed military and police officers on polling day, as voters, your bravery and courage have shown the world that your resolve for change is unwavering. Let us congratulate ourselves for reaffirming our commitment to the consolidation of democracy.

However, it is now apparent that the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) after being rejected at the polls, is now very determined not only to obstruct the electoral process but most importantly to create chaos. This has been manifested in two significant ways:

Firstly, there is now an active plan to assassinate the Presidential Candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, Brigadier Julius Maada Bio. According to credible sources, the following military officers are involved in the assassination plan: Major Gen. Sullay Sesay, Brig. AY Kargbo, Brig. UP Turay, Col. RS Conteh, Brig. Abu Conteh and Col. Tee. This assassination plot is with the full knowledge of Gen. Taluva, Deputy Chief of Defense Staff and the Minister of Defence, Paolo Conteh. These named military officers have already been supplied with arms and ammunition including GPMGs.

Secondly, as you would have been aware, on Sunday, 1st April 2018, the ruling All People’s Congress instructed their supporters to go to the streets in celebrating their so-called “election victory”. The provisional results are very clear that the APC has lost the elections but the move to instigate their supporters is part of a grand plan not to accept the final certified results of the presidential runoff elections from the National Electoral Commission thereby creating chaos and instability. Additionally, we have also recorded series of incidents from our consolidated daily situation report which we will take you through few highlights.

Tallying of Provisional Results

In the last elections conducted on 7th March 2018, the SLPP Tally Centre was deliberately put under siege by the armed military and police officers obstructing the tallying of results by the SLPP. The situation became worse when internet connectivity to the premises was also shut down by the Government. On Saturday, a similar pattern was implemented by the ruling APC Government when armed military and police officers put De Kona Lodge under virtual siege with the false claim that RRF forms and ballot boxes have been stored at the hotel. After the search nothing was found by the armed military and police officers. Again this was done by the APC to intimidate and harass SLPP supporters.

I am pleased to inform you that the SLPP is nearing completion of its tallying of results. At this stage, I would like to share with the press and the general public status of SLPP tallying process and provisional results captured so far. As at 9 am this morning, April 2, a total of 2,149,134 valid votes counted. Out of this, Dr, Samura Kamara of the APC has 986,306 representing 45.89% and Rtd. Brig, Julius Maada Bio has 1,162,828 representing 54.11%.

The district breakdown gives us better explanation and logic for SLPP victory. In the run-off election, the SLPP made substantial progress in Kono, Kambia, Koinadugu and Western Area. For example in Kono, SLPP increased its vote counts from 31,018 on March 7 to 78,321. In Western Area, percentage share of SLPP votes has increased from around 33% obtain in the first round to around 40%.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are confident that Rtd. Brig. Julius Bio is the next President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. We therefore call on our members to start celebrating and wish to thank all for hard work.