Hopeless disciples of the disgracefully conquered flag-bearer of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party in the last Presidential Election Rt. Brig. Julius Maada Bio are currently in tears, as a result of the defeat they suffered at the sectional and chiefdom level consensus in the ongoing lower level elections of the party.


This most political analyst say is an indication that Maada Bio, a perceived most popular candidate is losing his bases of wining the party’s flag-bearer elections, schedule to hold hopefully by the end of this year, given the fact that the zonal and sectional consensus are critical in the party’s build-up to the delegate conference.

Reports alleged that when the “Paopa Camp” saw the defeat in zonal and sectional consensus nation-wide, some key official in camp made attempts to change the outcome of that day’s process, using their positions as constituency, district and regional chairmen but was confronted with stiff resistance from the people, who are seemingly tired with the countless number of mischiefs perpetrated by Maada Bio, a man who is widely believe will not take the party to State House.

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In most areas in the South, West and Eastern Region they made several attempts to disrupt the chiefdom level elections, one of which is constituency 84 in Moyamba District where journalists monitored the process over the weekend our source revealed. When they failed in all their moves to unlawfully influence the ongoing lower level elections, they wrote petition letters to Political Parties Registration Commission crying foul like a lashed-kid, for the entire process to be concealed.

To actually indicate that the entire “Paopa Camp” is destabilized in tears, making rounds on the social media as I write, are pictures of the hopeless flag-bearer candidate Maada Bio performing traditional rituals ‘pull sara’ together with some of his greatest loyalists.

But a question to ask is how that event behind close door get to the social media? Is that in any way implying that he is even unpopular in the “Paopa Camp” itself? Maada is really in tears! Now they are going through serious constraints to taint the image of stainless Dr. Kandeh Yumkella.’

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Today a newspaper publishes on its front page “KKY’s strategy exposed”, insinuating that the fastly-becoming popular candidate is planning to buy thousands of party cards for individuals in Freetown, in addition to the one million Leones he will spur-out to bribe each delegate.

That is a nonsense to the highest degree, for Dr. Yumkella’s financial cautiousness is no hidden secret, but thank God the rants are just limited in the South and Western Areas leaving out the KKY Movement’s safe zones.