Flag bearer of Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Julius Maada Bio is reported to have impregnated the niece of SLPP Southern District Chairman, Alhaji Kanja Sesay and then left for the USA.


Report by Ranger states that Maada Bio’s wife immediately left for the USA on receiving the information, ostensibly to file for divorce as the issue is said to have caused her tremendous grief and sorrow and shame.

It could be recalled that Maada Bio was recently said to have been issued a visa to travel to the USA; something which is believed to be untrue.

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However, with this news about his impregnating Kanja Sesays’ niece, it is not known what his fate would become after impregnating Kanja Sesay’s niece and causing marital discord in his home.

In another development, reports state factions belonging to the current Deputy National Chairman and Leader Dr. Prince Harding and Manneh. The two groups reportedly threw missiles and engaged themselves in ugly violent scenes which attracted the Police who intervened to regain sanity.