In the wake of Maada Bio’s presidential victory in the just concluded run-off elections, the police have announced that it will take custody of all government vehicles until the new government takes over wholly.

Just when the result of the run-off election was announced, with the SLPP gaining victory, reports were that over 4,000 government vehicles have been concealed and some crossed over neighboring Guinea by officials of the erstwhile APC administration.

Reports are also stated that large number of government vehicles parked at garages and other places for repairs are being commandeered with aim of transforming them as private property.

Police say they believe this was done in connivance with some officials at SLRSA.

That it is against this background that the police have issued out a press release calling on government officials in possession of state owned vehicles to hand over same to the nearest police station or to the Ministry of Transport, or to Hon. Rado Yoki at State House.

Those expected to surrender vehicles in their possessions include former cabinet ministers, deputy ministers, State House Advisers and others holding public jobs the likes of ambassadors, etc.

Meanwhile, the police have distanced themselves from rumours on social media that the new government has instructed them monitor officials of the previous APC government in a bid preventing them from leaving the country.

They described such social media postings as not only baseless, but unfounded, stating however that there has been no time them receiving such orders from the new government.