Julius Maada Bio, presidential candidate of main opposition SLPP has described Dr. Samura Kamara, presidential candidate of the ruling APC, as have opened his lips to utter “patent nonsense” when Kamara accused Bio of having misappropriated 18million dollars.

Kamara has openly accused Bio who was his former boss of personally keeping $18M paid for mining rights rather than pay it into the revenue of the state.

The accusations was made during the Presidential debate two weeks ago. However, the debate moderator, Mr Hassan Arounsi of BBC had not allowed the participants to defend themselves during the debate so it became quite topical.

Arounsi however asked Bio to comment on the matter during a BBC interview.

Bio quickly dismissed the allegation as “patent nonsense” and pointed out that if indeed something like that ever happened, people should question why Samura Kamara kept silent for over 20 years since the alleged theft, but now brings it up to score political points.

Nonetheless, Bio has denied the allegations and say it is nonsense that flowed out of Dr Samura Kamara’ s lips.

Interestingly, Dr Samura did actually did not proffer any other evidence such as names and dates to substantiate.