Some suspected thugs believed to be sympathisers of the All People’s Congress (APC), yesterday shot at Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) members who were campaigning at Sewafe in Kono.

Maada Bio Beaten

The 2012 Presidential candidate of the SLPP, Maada Bio was also victim of this attack.

It can be recalled that yesterday is the SLPP ‘s final rally day ahead of the bye election in Kono district.

Sierraloaded gathered that lots of party sympathisers went to Kono to join the team on the ground and participate actively in campaign in other to win the constituency seat to their party.

Otherflagbearer aspirants who could not go sent their representatives to help mobilize support.

It was also gathered that Maada Bio also left to join others but faced some trouble at SEWAFE.

Bio who is said to be accompanied by his high command team including JJ,Prince Harding etc had to run to escape the missiles from the A PC thugs who had gathered bags of stones in readiness for their arrival.

According to an eye witness, when Bio and his team arrived, as usual they decided to pay homage to the P/C at SEWAFE not knowing an ambush was awaiting their arrival.

According to the eye witness, the thugs chased after Maada Bio and the SLPP members when they began their rally close to the P/C. As the thugs advanced behind them, they all scurried away and ran for their lives.

Recounting his ordeal, Amadu said: “I was sitting in from of the mosque when I saw the thugs. They were many and armed with guns and machetes. They approached me without saying a word. They almost shot me. I has to run”

Amadu, who was stil shocked by the attack, said some people also sustained minor injuries while running from the attackers.

“I also saw Bio running. But I don’t know if he escaped”, Bello said.

“Most of us scampered for our dear lives. I, along with some women, ran into the streets while some of our members took solace in the mosque. It was a frightening sight. This must stop before Saturday,” Bello added.

As at time of filling the report, the numbers of people who sustained injury or was hit by the missiles could not be ascertained.

But the APC Youth chairman of Kono District, Mr.Mohammed Bandagbara denied that the thugs were his party members.