Over 23, 000 natives of the Marampa chiefdom, Lunsar town PortLoko district, north of Sierra Leone over the weekend poured out to the streets demanding the removal of the ruling All People’s Congress party from power through the ballot box to bring succor to their worried chiefdom. “APC must go,” they demanded.


More demands were made at the officially opening ceremony of the newly refurbished party office of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) at No. 38 Ernest Bai Koroma street Lunsar.

The ADP is believe to be the second political party in Sierra Leone to have a party office in the town.

The indigenes welcomed Kamarainba and his entourage with brandishing banners with various inscription: “Old Town youth and women support Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray”, ” We say lef D long line N can join D short line”, “Cassava Farm community welcome Kamarainba”, “Dumpa line community welcome Kamarainba,” among others.

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They have claimed that the hope of rescuing the chiefdom has not been totally cared for ever since the mining companies closed down operations due to bad business done by the ruling government.

They adds that they were now tired with the two traditional parties in Sierra Leone.

Speaking at the occasion, the chairman and leader of ADP, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray said Lunsar is a priority in his agenda in transforming the country, more so, when the town is his fatherland. He stressed that he is a son of the soil because Lunsar is the birth place of his father.

Kamarainba-ADP-Lunsar 3

“APC will catch cold when I sneeze. By the grace of God by February 2018 they will be out of governance,” adding “therefore, Chiefs should be breastfeeding mothers’ who shouldn’t be seen given preferential treatment to a particular child because they may not know which of the children would succeed in life,” he stated.

Introducing his party Executives, Kamarainba called out the chairman of the ADP in America, Brima Togo Suma including the national executive members who have been helping in running the administrative affairs of the party.

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He thanked the chief, Imam and his team including other stakeholders in the chiefdom for attending the occasion out of their busy schedules. He informed his audience that he is in the country primarily to redeem the promises he had made to rescue the nation via the Presidency.

“I am in Sierra Leone to become President which is why when I visited the President some years ago, I told him that all I want was the seat of power,” he disclosed.

He assured that if he wins the 2018 Presidential elections he would provide free education for all school going children and school feeding program which this government has promised but failed to fulfilled.

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He however warned the natives of Marampa chiefdom to desist from supporting a group of people or set of things that are not profitable to them. “If you are following or engaging in anything whatsoever that’s not benefiting you, deviate from it,” he warned.

He reiterated that the ADP is a road that must be taken and that it was why he has redeemed the promised he made to the chiefdom by establishing a strong tie with the opening of a party office in the town.

He encouraged the people to change their mindset for their own good, adding “I loved this country and I am calling on all and sundry to follow same”. He assured that his regime will make sure that the ordinary citizens are satisfactory fed on a daily basis.

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Part of the fulfillment of this plan, he disclosed would be a robust implementation of a strategic agricultural policy that will empower the local farmers to increase production and place market value on farm products including preservation of fruits like mango and orange.

“I am here to help, which is why I have brought change, and I am appealing to you all to embrace it by working with the ADP to eliminate the existence of the two traditional parties,” he appealed.

He went on to disclosed that he has been approached by youths of the chiefdom who suggested to him to contest for the vacant Parliamentary seat in constituency 50. Kamarainba seek leave of the gathering whether they are in support of the request made by the youths.

“Youths from here have requested that I vie for the up coming Parliamentary by-election in constituency 50. Are you endorsing it,?” He asked.

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The jubilant crowd responded in the affirmative. He also assured the Sierra Leone Police in the town of improving on their working conditions of service when he became President of the country.

In a brief statement, the chairman of the ADP branch in America, Brima Togo Suma told the People that they were in the township to strengthen and to beef up political and family relationship.

He appealed to the people to maintain their relationship with his party and to further promote the political ambitions and ideology of the Alliance Democratic Party within the chiefdom. Meanwhile, there was a mad rush for the ADP card after the opening of the party office.