In yester years most individuals were accorded positions of trust in Sierra Leone as par how long their loyalty for a course have existed. It was serious to a point some people manned offices, in compensation of the roles their relatives had played for a political philosophy to thrive through.

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These maladministration most youths of today believe largely contributed to the current under developed status of our country. It is good for one to be rewarded for his or her faithfulness, but it is best in the interest of a country for persons to be appointed into the offices they truly deserve.

An old man last told me the premise for Longevity and Tribalism in politics is Loyalty which matters most. “When the Loyalty of a person is guaranteed then you can entrust him with any position. It is a sure-ball that he would mature in the operatives of that office and later deliver the goodies”.

The Old man argued, but I thank God he said LATER because the youths of today in Sierra Leone want a developed country now. Sierra Leone has been through a lot since independence. Regardless of it rich natural resources nearly half of the country’s population are unemployed, and they are not waiting for PARTY LOYALISTS to mature and provide job opportunities for them.

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We need to travel down to villages in the provinces and see the unbelievable wastages of agricultural produce, while people in other parts of the country sleep on empty belly and those hungry people are not waiting for a PARTY LOYALIST to mature in office and scale up agro-businesses for food sufficiency in the country.

The country’s educational standards are falling and the youths are hopeful of a development expert becoming the next President of the country to build the structures that would enhance the sector’s improvement. I recently came across an ungrateful article on the internet where in the writer stated that an aspiring Presidential Candidate Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella’s inheritance from his father cannot earn him seniority in the Sierra Leone People’s Party.

I found that article very funny though ungrateful. The author laid so much emphasizes on Longevity which according to him is a major requirement for one to become senior in their party, and that is the laughable part of the article, because this is man most SLPP youths across the country believe is the only Moses their party has at this moment.

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According to them, Dr. Yumkella a former United Nations Diplomat with over twenty years of work experience is stainless and his vision for the country could be easily sold. They confessed that he is likable at first sight, and besides he is one of the few great persuasive speakers in the continent.

The SLPP has spent ten years in the opposition, and we all know how it is for a party to be in the opposition for such a time, as a result it is no hidden secret that the party needs enough funds to win the next Presidential Elections and further win more parliamentary and council seats. So what I am expecting should be the discuss now in the SLPP, is about who would be party’s Moses in 2018 and not who has a longer membership of the main opposition party.

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Development Politics is concerned about who can achieve the successes for a political course and not who is senior or who has stayed longer in a political party. Lending credence to Longevity, would render that article ungrateful because there would not have been a Party where people thirst for seniority if not for the sacrifices his father Paramount Chief Yumkella and others made for the formation of the Sierra Leone People’s Party.

If Longevity is indeed the SLPP’s way forward, then Dr. Yumkella is to be at least given a chance to lead the party this time, taking into consideration how Paramount Chiefs of Kambia District stood by Sir. Milton Margai of Bonth District to become Leader of the party and subsequently the Prime Minister of the Country.

I have heard most politicians tell their tribes and Kinsmen that this is the time for someone of their region and tribe to become President of Sierra Leone, but one of the party’s flag-bearer aspirants Lawyer Alpha Timbo recently dispelled that, noting that those statements are made in an event, a politician has nothing developmental to tell their people.

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Indeed Longevity is not different for tribalism, and the people of Sierra Leone particularly the youths are no more convinced by those sentiments. That was evident in 2007 when the people turned down Solo B-the-Bomba and voted for Poor President Koroma.

The re occurrence of such a situation is foreseeable in the next elections, hence it would be wise for a Political Party to appoint a flag-bears on developmental grounds. [By Uncle Dez]