The Head of Crime Management at the Criminal Investigation Development (CID) on Pademba Road in Freetown, lawyer M. B. Kamara Esq. has indicated that the Loko tribe is the most peaceful and tolerant in Sierra Leone based on the complaints received by his office, adding that out of the numerous criminal cases brought to him very few Lokos are involved.

Loko stonemason

Mr. Kamara made this assertion during a one day interactive meeting held by the Lokos on Saturday March 26, 2016 at Boston Community Center, Black Hall Road Kissy-Freetown.

He told the audience that the meeting was timely and necessary since it aim is to consolidate the position of the tribe in communities across the country. He said it is a good initiative for people to bring themselves together despite their religious believes in as much as it geared towards unity and peace.

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He called on all the chiefs to work assiduously to maintain unity among their people.

The chairman of the occasion, Mr. Morlai Sesay described the Lokos as unique and most accommodating tribe across Sierra Leone second to the Limbas. He encouraged all and sundry to continue the good work they have already started.

Chief Alimamy Mansaray speaking on behalf of some section chiefs went into the history of the Loko Chieftaincy. Early 60s, he noted, Kandeh Bangura was the the first Loko tribal head at Savage Square. “In 1974 when President Siaka Stevens came into office, he authorized all tribes across the country to elect their representatives,” he said.

He added that the Lokos re-elected Kandeh Bangura as the Loko tribal head, but noted however that the election was marred in controversy but they accepted for unity.

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The section chief at Television Poll kissy, chief Alhaji Alimamy Sesay said the meeting was to bring the Lokos from hidden to the public especially those living up the Hills and valleys in Freetown. He said the Lokos have a welfare officer, chief Ballie who is charged with the responsibility of taken care of all Lokos across the country when there is a crisis situation.

He stated that chief Alhaji Alpha Sahid Sesay is the 6th Loko chief in Western area and is heading 80 sub-chiefs. He reiterated that the meeting is hoping to bridge gaps between their tribesmen.

The Western area Loko tribal head chief Alhaji Alpha Saidu Sesay appreciated the efforts of all those who made the time out of their busy schedule to attend the meeting. He encouraged his people to come onboard and support their activities morally. He called on the people to maintain peace and unity in their respective communities.

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He encouraged the section Chiefs to work in the interest of their people and always forward any difficulty to him whenever they are unable to solve. He praised President Ernest Bai Koroma for the good he has done for the nation. Chief Sesay noted that the meeting is primarily called to promote the activities of the Lokos and to further address their concerns.

Meanwhile, there was jubilation among the people as the meeting turned out into dancing and singing songs in Loko. They thanked their leader for providing the platform for them to met and share concerns. Loko youths showered praises on the Western area chief for the laudable venture which they noted was a timely move taken.