Legal Aid Board Director, Fatmata Claire Carlton-Hanciles has corruptly increased her salary from Le17,000,000.00 to Le52,000,000.00 without any approval from the Board of directors led by the indefatigable and no nonsense judge – Miatta Samba, reports Miracle Media house.

This so-called Legal Aid Executive Director who’s marginalizing workers in the institution for not supporting JFK during campaign. She has now become a dictator by increasing her salary and that of others she had selected. Those who are currently suffering in the institution are alleged to be southeasterners.

How could a director increase her salary without the acknowledgement of the board?

Why the allocation of office fuel to your son (Kelvin), husband (Ademola) and some family members, Madam Director?

Why the secret employment of relatives, friends without board approval?

Your selective increasing of salaries to some not all legal aid board employees and running the office like your personal asset.

It’s not a secret to us that you’re an APC. Your physical and resources support to JFK was well written on the wall. All these allegations Miracle the Seer have the proofs. You’re now sacking employees because they failed to support JFK during the APC convention. Now you want to hide behind your shadow, but guess what, you must go!

She might be thinking, where and how Miracle the Seer got all these informations.

This was not meant to happen, this could not happen – but it is happening in Legal Aid Board.

Since, the Executive Director of Legal Aid Board is bragging of Chief Justice and Attorney General and Minister of Justice’s protection; we the people that gave them the chance to be in office now want to see you out of office without their support for you.

Mind you all your monetary documents in the Ministry of finance is in the hands of Miracle the Seer.