The scene was nasty and dreadful, full of disrespect for law and order and the crowns worn by police thrown on the ground, the day lawlessness takes over the notorious creek in Aberdeen.

Police officers who went to the scene to maintain law and order suffered in the hands of the land grabbers when they started pelting them with stones and other deadly weapons.

The leader of the group is no stranger to police with chequered and battered human right and land grabbing records, but continues to settle down in the community and causing havoc on police and innocent civilians.

Mr. George Collins has been described as a notorious and celebrated land grabber who fears no one including the police. He would brag about his “State House connection”, whenever he wants to perpetrate his deadly land grabbing activities. With a band of thugs under his control, George Collins would not hesitate to raise a number of red flags at any location he wanted to grab. Additionally, he would station a number of his thugs to mand the area he has commandeered or grabbed and to inflict pains and injuries on anyone that would venture to retrieve his/her property.

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The Local Unit Commander, SP Samadia was not spared when his troop mobilized to the Aberdeen location, where George Collins had raised a number of red flags. The motive of the police was to maintain law and order and advised residents of the locality to observe peace and tranquility, but George Collins and his thugs did not exercise any atom of patience when they pounced on them to teach them an unforgettable lesson and to warn them that they should always maintain their distances wherever they know that they have occupied.

Among George Collins’ band of thugs are self- made Rastafarians who are in the habit of smoking and chewing dry leaves and also customers of Shankerdas products at Kissy. This is to make them feel high and imagine that they are in a different planet. So with this change of behavior they can expatiate, display and perform to the shocks and surprises of the sane minds.

George Collins’ land grabbing habit continues to infinitum .It would appear, probably that Judges and Magistrates of the Country’s Judiciary are afraid of him, and unable to disband his band of men that he is using to terrorize peaceful citizens.

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Last week, prior to his rebellious campaign against the police and peaceful citizens at the Aberdeen village, he moved some of his thugs to a new location at Baw Baw along the peninsula, where he had grabbed a piece of land owned by a Sierra Leonean resident abroad. He immediately put up a temporal structure and housed over ten of his thugs in the building on the piece of land. George Collins claimed that he bought the piece of land from the late headman of the village and was ready to die for it if the owner decides to retrieve his property from him. Report states that the matter will be referred to the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation by the owner’s Attorney.

At Court number two today he would make a second appearance, before the presiding Magistrate, Manuela Harding to respond to criminal charges that have been slammed on him. The fear now entertained by most people is that if he and his thugs are granted bail, there is every possibility that he would cause more havoc on innocent people than expected, but he has always bragged that most of the presiding Judges and Magistrate are his close and inseparable friends