Sierraloaded reported two days ago that one of Sierra Leone’s famous rapper LAJ , who was serving 8 years prison term in the united states has been released.


LAJ was jailed for Identity theft, credit card fraud, carrying fake immigration documents and car theft in the United States but was released two days ago for good behaviour.

Close sources informed Sierraloaded that the USA plans to deport him to Sierra Leone. However, LAJ complained from his halfway house that he would be deported to Sierra Leone at anytime in the future, though he said he never want to go back to Sierra Leone because of the fact the he has no professional job training and his life will be difficult given the fact that he is accustomed to the American way of life.

LAJ, blasted the American immigration department over the decision to deport him when he is released in mid 2016 after he finished his paper work in the ICE detention center.

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“My past, my present and my future is firmly rooted in USA, hence why I am struggling to understand why I have been served with a deportation order to Sierra Leone. “I was distraught when I read on the order that I can only appeal after my deportation.”, LAJ lamented.

It should be noted that LAJ also being investigated for using improper documentations to enter and reside in the United States of America (USA).

Some sources have said that LAJ is an undocumented alien in the USA, “He was using his brothers documents to stay in the US.”