Lagba, the recently convicted murderer of DJ Clef, popularly known as LA Chocolate wept bitterly in his prison cells some days back when his last magical powers was seized and disrobed from him, now leaving him as empty as a bucket.


Without thinking that Nurse Korie would lay hands on his “7 book of Moses” an alleged magical psalm book in an impromptu condone and search, which he has been using to deceive the public that he has supernatural power, was withdrawn from him in his prison cell.

Several pleas and begging from him did not save or returned the book to him. Sources say he used some sections of the book to obtain the numbers of some senior prison officers and among them was the Director of Prison, which he telephoned and forced to have a discussion with him.

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The same magical powers he was using to access telephones that he has been using to take photographs of his cell and communicating with through Whatsapp. This action from the convicted murderer sent fear on the Director of Prison, which prompted several suspicions that LA Chocolate was up to something that could cause problem among the officers. Sources say he has been working in concert with some officers of the Prison Department that are were things very easy and luxurious for him.

The 7th book of Moses according to prison sources is now in the office of the Director of Prison. It is possible that if not destroyed immediately it might get missing on his table with no one to account for it.