President Koroma has embarked on what he described as a nationwide “Thank You” Tour.

The tour, according to the President, was to appreciate Sierra Leoneans who have given him the opportunity to lead
them as president for two uninterrupted terms of five years each.

Koroma is but the first of a President to have embarked on such a wasteful nationwide tour which is seen by many as ‘costing the country billions of Sierra Leone’s money.’

The tour, unfortunately, has turned into a campaign, and has, of course, seen Koroma begging people vote his handpicked successor, the taciturn Samura Kamara, his running mate Chernor Maju Bah aka Chericoco, in the coming general elections.

Koroma’s action, according to law, violates not only the Political Parties code of ethics but also the laws of Sierra Leone- NEC’s official electoral campaign timetable.

The ‘Thank You’ Tour turned ‘Campaign’ is reportedly costing the country a whooping 5. 5 Billion Leones, and has come at a time when Sierra Leoneans are facing a regrettable difficult moments ignited by an unending austerity measures imposed by the government of Koroma.

Sources say Koroma has been moving around with a mobile bank in a Black State House Toyota Hillux vehicle, having millions/billions as ready to use money in it, even as he lures people come out in their numbers to create a make-belief support for his handpicked presidential nominee Samura Kamara.