President Koroma’s determination to secure a third term in violation of the nation’s constitution is high on his new agenda, Reliable sources has informed Sierraloaded.


The failure of “AFTA U Na U” resulting in the unconstitutional removal of the elected VP from office; the “More Time” agenda has given birth to a new plan which will see spate of unlawful suspension of public officials perceive to be against president Koroma’s unconstitutional and undeserved third term.

To president Koroma and his cronies, booting out the elected vice president will give the president an easy walk into a third term.

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Credible Sources who shared the new plan to Sierraloaded said, The proposition the president and his cronies are holding on to is “You removed the elected vice president from office no one made any move to challenge you; who is an ordinary Mayor if you remove him?”.

This proposition hasten the removal of the Mayor from office; but this is not all there are more removal from office to come. The list comprises of one hundred and five (105) prominent Sierra Leonean Civil servants, Mayors and Paramount Chiefs identified as people who will not support the president’s third term cum one party state, will be unconstitutionally remove and replace with stooges, who would secretly advocate for EBK’s third term and a possible one party state.

Against this backdrop the Minister of Local Government is leading the assault on Paramount Chiefs, Mayors and Councillors. Few Ministers have rolled out plans how to help clinch a third term for president Koroma laying the foundation for a one party state.

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By the end of 2016, the plan would be completed before APC national convention making way for the president as the APC flag bearer for 2018, 2019 or 2020 which ever is earliest.

Although this action would be unconstitutional, the president and few of his men are ready for an all out assault on the constitution and the citizenry.

Notwithstanding this, the president through his close associates, he is giving out brown envelops containing US $250 to chiefs, heads of local youth groups, petty traders and hustlers to promote the third term agenda.

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The proposed APC flag bearers in the likes of the former ACC boss, Fadika and recently Lawyer Kaloko are part of the scheme to distract public attention from the president’s new agenda to slam suspension on105 public officials and replace them with people who would secretly trumpet his third term.

The president’s new agenda would be cleverly carried out in conjunction with the ACC in attempt to dismiss public claims of the president want a third term and a one party state.