While the President talks about taking action re his government’s chopping of Hajj funds that prevented actual pilgrims from attending, he is flanked by the Vice President. The same one who was responsible for the funds. The same one whose religion we still don’t actually know.

The President said that “While the APC remains in power” that pilgrims can be assured they will go to Hajj. Meanwhile while the APC IS IN POWER folks DID NOT GO TO HAJJ. The shamelessness of it all is what gets to me. The blatant lies and the commitment to treat people like they are not only uneducated, but that we are deaf and dumb and blind.

If we ever have elections I hope y’all will remember the faces on this platform. These are the people, the usual suspects, who will again try to tell you that they will make your life better. Lie! Lie! Shameless! One thing is for certain: THEY DON’T GIVE A FCUK ABOUT YOU!

President Koroma Assures Hajj Victims of Appropriate Action

By State House Communication Unit

President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma on Tuesday consoled hundreds of intending pilgrims who didn’t make this year’s journey to the Holy Land of Mecca and assured them that government would take appropriate action against anyone responsible for their misfortune.

Welcoming the intending pilgrims at State House, the president expressed total dismay over the unfortunate situation which, he said, has the tendency to reverse every gain and mar the good relationship that government has built with the Muslim community over the years. Even though he made reference to the scriptures which indicate that there is time for every purpose yet, the president emphasized his readiness to bring to book culprits of the Hajj saga.

Despite the immediate action that has already been taken against some government officials, the fountain of honour expressed satisfaction over the Anti-Corruption Commission’s interest in the matter, saying that the Commission is open to receive any relevant information regarding the 2017 Hajj program. “We are taking this action because what happened to you was not right and you do not deserve it,” he lamented.

While consoling the people to remain calm as investigation is ongoing, the president however reminded the anxious congregation about government’s past efforts to protect the Muslim community regarding the performance of their annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

President Koroma pointed out that the APC led-government since assuming power in 2007 has made an unprecedented contribution towards the fulfilment of the fifth pillar of Islam by intending pilgrims regardless of political affiliation.

He reiterated government’s determination to rectify the mistakes that plagued this year’s Hajj preparation in a manner that will never be repeated. He entreated all to remain calm and have trust that for as long as the APC continues to be in power, they will surely perform their Hajj in subsequent years.