Sierra Leoneans home and abroad might be heading towards an inevitable declaration of State of emergency in the country as incoming reports can reveal.

Impeccable sources who spoke on condition on annymity told BBC journalist, Umaru fofona that that the Sierra House of Parliment Majority Leader, Leonard Fofana today, prepared the minds of fellow Parliamentarians for the declaration of a state of emergency.

It was gathered from a member of Parliament present in the meeting said he gave the mudslide of two weeks ago as a reason for the President’s decision, stating that the government needed more time to resettle those displaced by the disaster.

It was further revealed that the state of emergency would be used as a backbone for the postponement of the coming elections in 2018.

Under the country’s laws, the elections scheduled for March next year can be deferred by six months – several times – if there is a state of emergency.

When contacted him, the House Majority Leader, Leonard Fofana didn’t deny the report but declined to comment further.