Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma has clearly indicated that his government is bereft of any meaningful ideas that will solve the present economic quagmire.

E.B Koroma

This situation has prompted President Koroma to seek the face of God at the “Sierra Leone for Jesus Crusade” last Friday at the National Stadium.

In his lamentation, the President explained how the country had been moving fast to the point that it was one of the fastest growing economies in the world but that the Ebola virus has thwarted all those gains. He said that Sierra Leoneans have always turned to God during troublous times and it is that faith and resilient that they used to defeat Ebola.

“A moment like this we should always give thanks to God… Indeed, if you have faith in God wonderful things will happen to you,” Koroma told the gathering.

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President Koroma also said that the Ebola has been defeated but according to him the impact of the disease is still with the nation.

“I know that the times are difficult and the people are suffering. This is not what we want as a nation but with faith and the mercy of God we are going to overcome it,” the President turned Preacherman said.

“ Now we are going through very difficult economic times that is the reason I should come here to associate with the wonderful prayers you have been offering,” he continued.

He told the people to cry and cry until God turns Sierra Leone into paradise, adding that he strongly believes that Sierra Leone will rise again.

“God will make things happen and it will happen in Jesus Name,” Ernest Bai Koroma prayed.

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Political Analysts have described the statements of the President at the national stadium as a sign of failure and that it means the country has no solution to the present economic problems.

“Faith without work is Useless. How can you ask the people to have faith when they continue to die in poverty,” some of the people in the crusade said.

However, Pastor Mambu said that he has a revelation from God that in six month time things will turn around in Sierra Leone but that he does not know how God will do it.