An authoritative State Lodge sources have confirmed that President Ernest Bai Koroma held a secret meeting at a certain hotel in Freetown recently with Chief Justice Abdulai Cham to exhaustively discuss the postponement of the March 7th 2018 elections using the courts.

According to impeccable sources President Koroma told Chief Justice Cham that he fear the APC would lose if election went ahead as planned because according to him the party was ill-prepared to win.

Justice Cham who contested in 1996 as parliamentary candidate of the APC advised President Koroma to encourage his ruling APC to seek the postponement of the election in the Supreme Court.

Justice Cham reportedly promised President Koroma that he will do everything in his powers to convince other members of the Supreme Court bench once the matter is brought before them.

This discussion seems to have triggered operatives of the ruling party to hire Berthan Macauley Esq. who will reportedly file for the postponement of the election on Monday with the claim that Section 17 of the Public Election Act 2012 has not been satisfied.

For several months now the ruling party has sponsored campaign of calumny against the election boss, N’fa Conteh for refusing to take orders from State House. It is reported that at some point, State House tried to force him to resign but the thick skinned election boss who is enjoying the confidence of all other stakeholders continued to stay on.

At a recent State House meeting with President Koroma , APC operatives devised a plan to bribe other commissions to resign, a move which they believe will pave the way for N’fa Conteh to step down. That too seems to have failed because two of the commissioners out rightly rejected the offers.

Meanwhile civil society groups and other stakeholders including opposition political parties are gearing for a public demonstration if the APC went ahead with it legal action against NEC.