Following the accomplishment of the Sierra Leone 2012 general elections, incumbent president Ernest Bai Koroma claimed he was ‘world’s best’ leader and deserves a reelection.


His campaign emblem was football, and had used same to lure voters into believing that he is the man to bring “prosperity” to Sierra Leone.

Preceding Koroma’s election to office in 2007 (first term), his campaign was hinged on “agenda for change”, but up until his reelection in 2012 the change is yet to come yet.

However, his smart brainy take of things had littered minds of the voters into believing his dream for prosperity for all, which obviously was/and is still needed can come to the poor African nation of Sierra Leone through him.

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But as Sierra Leoneans still await the promised prosperity, not forgetting President Koroma’s bestowed world best title, shock overcame minds after Tanzania’s President John Magufuli was conferred the honour as world’s best leader by the United Nations.

Magufuli was announced the best in the world by the United Nations Economic & Social Council during their annual review which was published August 12, 2016.

A Technical Committee made up of experts from of course highly regarded International Civil Service Organisations and Think Tanks pronounced Tanzania’s Magufuli the best President during the period under review.

Mangufuli has been in office since November of 2015, and in less than a year has had the UN considers him world’s best even as experts the world over have tipped him to rule his country for another term of office.

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Many in his home country Tanzania welcomed the award on grounds that their president has brought rapid development ever since he assumed office.

The outcome of the report was based on the Political, Economic and Social indexes of the country and Magufuli tops the list, leaving President Koroma who in 2012 (three years before he (Magufuli) was elected) sanctimoniously but on his own, had crowned himself the world’s best President.

World leaders have also acknowledged the report on Magufuli, but are yet to see another award for who becomes world’s worst leader by the UN as with the case of Magufuli.

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Sierra Leoneans using the ubiquitous social media have had moments questioning yardsticks once used by Sierra Leone’s president Koroma in 2012, as he referred to himself as world’s best.

“I am very honored with such a prestigious recognition. I believe this feat has been achieved through hard work and transparency of my government.

I thank the good people of Tanzania for creating the enabling environment for me to perform my duties creditably as their President,” – Mr. Magufuli said.