Believable sources say Samura Kamara, Sierra Leone’s Foreign Minister, is President Koroma’s would-be successor and 2018 presidential candidate.

They say this has come amidst internal disagreement in the APC vis-à-vis who leads the party in the coming general elections.

Kamara, over the years, evidently has not shown any interest in the leadership of the party (APC), which noticeably has seen co- APC members daily engaged roads of districts, townships nationwide, as they persuade compatriot party supporters blow their horns for leadership of the party in 2018.

Senior members the likes of Joseph Kamara, Alpha Khan, Kelfalla Marah, Sam Sesay, Alimamy Pepito Koroma, John Sisay, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu, Minkailu Mansaray, Victor Bockarie Foh, others do have interest in the leadership of the APC.

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Alimamy Koroma, Alpha Khan, Kelfalla Marah and Sam Sesay respectively have recently gave up lucrative public positions in a way have their plans walked out as they participate full and with free hands in the fight for APC leadership.

Reports linking Kamara as President Koroma’s preferred candidate looks like promoting dissensions from potential presidential aspirants, and has seen them swear breaking away if an election isn’t conducted for the party’s leadership.

Their allusions relate to the President’s statement during the recently held APC youth league that: “persons who have resigned their positions to contest for leadership in the APC have beat the gun,” which to them is but obvious he (President Koroma) may want to impose Kamara (his foreign minister) on the party come 2018.

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In the December 1995 APC constitution (believably doctored), it is stated that an APC presidential candidate may be selected, elected or endorsed.

This seemingly has created doubts in minds of would-be aspirants, and by extension a suspicion that the party’s choice of leadership may be influenced by the presidency.

One aspirant who asked for his name not to be mentioned recited words of Thomas Love Peacock saying: “the mental power of man is forced to choose perfection of the life, or of the work,” this he has said in a way forewarning the leadership of the APC doing things right and not risk appointing an unpopular candidate for the party.

It is still not known whether Kamara’s presumed presidential appointment may have been thought of owing to familiar hearsays that the President wants his tribesman as next APC presidential leader.