The joy derived incoming from the permit granted by the Sierra Leone police for protests to be held on monday against Withheld WAEC Results might be short lived if incoming reports to Sierraloaded are confirmed to be true.


Sierraloaded earlier reported that the Sierra Leone Police has issued clearance to the Fontricia Children’s Foundation to organise the ‘Right to Education’ protest to take place on Monday 29th February 2016 starting at 12pm from the Cotton Tree area in central Freetown to the offices of WAEC  at Tower Hill.

However, informed Sources has told Sierraloaded that A telephone conversation is been intercepted where the President Ernest Bia Koroma has instructed IG Munu to investigate the issuance of the permit clearance.

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“Though it is the citizens human right to organise and participate in peace demonstration the Order From Above think otherwise; that Sierra Leoneans don’t deserve the right to demonstrate. He sees demonstration has a weapon against his bad leadership and therefore protest of any type should not be allowed.”, The source told Sierraloaded.

It was further revealed that those gearing up to participate in the demonstration will be informed mid-day tomorrow that the protest has been cancelled.