President Koroma has single handedly reportedly decided to challenge the ECOWAS Court without the support of his party, Tamba Gborie writes.

President Koroma Sierra Leone

Accordingly, His team of legal advisers has told him he is a liar, the five Supreme Court Judges has also told him that he is a pathological liar not to be trusted.

Following the information received from Haja Hafsatu Kabba, head of the Sierra Leone diplomatic mission in Nigeria, the APC party rank and file told president Koroma the party will not put up any defence on his behalf in the case of the illegal removal of the elected VP Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana from office is concern.

The APC party view the illegal removal of the elected VP from office as a decision taken unilaterally by the president without consulting the party membership; therefore the APC party cannot support a haphazard decision taken solely out of personal interest. His decision according insiders in the party was not taken in the interest of the party and the country.

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The last one week is being a nightmare for president Koroma, his legal team of advisers and the five Supreme Court Judges after the president once again turn to them for assistance with the unconstitutional case now at the ECOWAS Court. Both group of legal advisers and the Judges describe the president as a pathological liar, a man never to be trusted.

His team of legal advisers further said the president failed to honour the agreement between them and the president. According to the team’s spokesperson the president promised them with lucrative jobs and promotions, the president did not honour any since the sacking of the elected VP.

The five Supreme Court Judges who add the finishing touches to the constitutional case continue to describe the president as a man enmeshed in double standard and criminal activities at the highest level. One of the five Judges said the president gave them US$5m to rule in his favour, he said was wrong but they were under immense pressure to deliver the wrong verdict.

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The Judge further reiterated that they were forced to take the money with the assurance that the case will not go to the ECOWAS Court for a retrial until the president leaves office. One of the things the president assure the Judges of is that he, EBK will keep the elected VP Sam Sumana under house arrest to prevent him from travelling outside Sierra Leone.

Once under house arrest the case would die and would not get to the ECOWAS Court to challenge the Judges’ verdict. The Judges are angry with the president that the case is gone to ECOWAS Court. “The president did not keep to his words”, the spokesman said.

The only time the president was intending to let Chief Sumana out of the country was after he, EBK leaves office, at this point even the case goes to the ECOWAS Court he would have no case to answer and the humiliation for him would minimise.

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Now that the case is gone to ECOWAS, and he is still in office the Judges’ wrong verdict will be uncovered soon, if not later. The Judges lack trust in the president.

Like the APC party, the president legal team of advisers and the five Supreme Court Judges have all decided to pull out of the case because of the president’s deceptive tendencies of use and dump tactics.

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