Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, the former President of Sierra Leone who also doubles as the Leader and Party Chairman of Sierra Leone’s opposition All People’s Congress (APC) has stated that his position does not differ from that of his party’s press release on the upcoming commisions of Inquiry.

He disclosed this during an interview with the Director of Crime Services, CID, AIG Brima Jah, at his residence in Makeni last week.

The ex-President pointed out that the controversial Press Release was the APC’s position and that he does not have a different position.

It will be recalled that National Secretary General of the All Peoples Congress ( APC) has in a strong worded Press Release in December reiterated the Party’s position of noncompliance by former APC heads of ministries, department and agencies to what he described as a ‘Kangaroo Court Commissions of inquiry’.

Osman Foday Yansaneh raised several observations including that the commissions of inquiry has been proven to be a clearly targeted witch hunt against North Westerners and senior APC officials.

The Press Release has drew wide criticisms from Sierra Leoneans with some sect describing it as capable of inciting ethic violence. The Sierra Leone Police also said that the Press Release has the tendency to threaten the peace and security of the State.

According to the Director of Crime Services, AIG Brima Jah, the Police are currently working to put together a report with regards a Press Release that was signed by the APC Secretary General.

“The report and the evidence will be sent to the law officers department,” Jah stated.

“The CID will wait for legal advice and decide to take a line of action on the matter,” Jah continued.