It is no longer secret that the marriage of convenience between Mr. Charles Francis Margai, Leader and Chairman of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) and President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has over the past years gone sour and now Mr. Margai is referring to his former partner as “ungrateful”.


Margai specifically told Awoko that his relationship with President Koroma stops at is being President of Sierra Leone, which he said is “cordial” but that as a political ally, “he exhibited a very high degree of ungratefulness” which in his estimation “is the greatest sin any human being can commit against his fellow human being.”

It could be recalled that in 2007 Presidential runoff election, Mr. Margai’s newly established political party, People’s Movement for Democratic Change throw its one hundred percent support behind the candidacy of the All People’s Congress Presidential candidate in the person of Ernest Bai Koroma leading to his subsequent victory over Solomon Ekuma Berewa, the Presidential candidate of the then ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

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Mr. Margai in that regard asserted, “apart from the Almighty God, if Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma is President today, he owes that to me personally. If I had given support to the SLPP candidate, he would have lost.”

Expatiating on his the reasons for his choice of President Koroma, the PMDC Leader maintained; “I saw in this young man something very attractive that gave me the impression that he is different from the current crop of politicians I have dealt with. I juxtaposed him with Mr. Tony Blair the new Leader of the Labour Party in England. I said to myself, this young man would come with an approach to politics that is fair, transparent and accountable,” he reminisced.

He however lamented with deep chagrin: “Over the years, I have come to discover that I was wrong and I believe I owe the people of this country an apology for the abysmal state in which this nation finds herself currently.” He mentioned though that at the time he gave his support to President Koroma and the APC, “I meant well and I was convinced that Ernest Bai Koroma as President would deliver.”

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The downhearted Charles Margai pointed out that it was no pretence at his time of support for President Koroma that he will not deliver and that he meant well for the country, but that at his assumption of power, he surrounded himself with “whose agenda is and still remain completely different from his.”

Mr. Margai revealed that he never knew President Ernest Bai Koroma before and that his line of contact with him was through the current Vice President, Dr. Victor Bockarie Foh, who he said, hails from the same village with his wife.