More than 60 percent of Sierra Leone’s population presently lives in poverty. Many people are living under the poverty line at less than $1 per day. The literacy rate is only 41 percent and 70 percent of young people in Sierra Leone are unemployed or underemployed as a result.


After nine years in power, the ruling APC’s economic mismanagement and bad policies have become the root cause of the country’s poor economic performance and the hardship suffered by the ninety-nine percent of Sierra Leoneans.

The country’s GDP per capital is low, but our government expenditure is very high. Take a look at the recent United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) conference in New York. It is hard to believe that the president and his government travelled to New York with a delegation of 49 members, excluding the president to attend the conference.

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hen the government refused to keep it real and continued to use our resources and international stimulus for immediate personal gratification and glorified half-baked projects, without any positive outcome that would stimulate actual and sustained economic growth, we were accused of rocking the boat, even though most of us were also in the boat and do not know how to swim.

Sadly, the public has been deprived of opinions that are rooted in reality, owing largely to the aggressive and sentimental posturing and grandstanding that have impaired commentaries on national issues and enmeshed the truth in controversy.

Just recently, President Ernest Koroma was seen smiling while the the people are crying. The video shows the suffering people telling the president that things are hard (poverty) in Sierra Leone. Unfortunately, the President could only respond with a laugh.

The government’s so called austerity measures to stop an economic meltdown may not better the lives of anybody, but will rather add cash into the pockets of the corrupt few.

Fostering good governance in Sierra Leone means building a capable democratic state, with strong institutions that can promote public interest; and having a strong human resource base, with particular emphasis on the youth and women.

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Until there is an increase in the disposable income of citizens – expanding their effective demand, rather than the sustenance of an ill-equipped, over-bloated drain of a government and its burdensome structures, the nation will continue to go round in circles. Our leaders will continue to talk the language of the cave, as we head for more monumental economic and social calamities.

Injecting a stimulus into the economy must be done in such a way that it has immediate effect, but is used for long term development. We can surmise that what is required is not just ethical reorientation, but genetic engineering.  Watch the purported video above as shared by Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments.