Dear President Koroma,

Is your Attorney General selling Legal Aid in Kenema or Campaigning. Since you appointed him months ago he has not actually spend few hours in office to do his job. We have been made to understand that his office is now the campaign Centre flocked with his supporters daily where he continues to use state resources for his own personal gain.

Have you asked yourself why your former close friends are not talking to you anymore because they feel you are doing double standards in broad day light turning a blind eye while JFK uses state resources to his own benefit when you have suppressed, and harassed others within your government who have done the same thing. In any case you may not understand people’s hatred of this action until the day you call it quits. You do not even know the resentment in our beloved party caused by your biasness.

Attached in this photo is another government vehicle used by your AG on his trip which suffered another accident.

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His Excellency, while this does not dent our support for the APC but it has put huge doubt in the love many use to have for you where we feel you show no leadership by allowing this issue to linger on. We may not want it look like a pressure pot which may explode when people take it no longer.


Please note. The ways of our people is difficult to understand. They are a people frightened to take issues with the leadership when issues are burning at the stake. But the effect of this is where we are concerned. Many keep things up their chest until it explodes uncontrollably. We cannot afford to go that path.

Please put standards in place as the PPRC has still not declared elections open yet.
Yours Sincerely
The APC Gateman.