The proposed deputy minister of Information and Communications, who is the All peoples Congress (APC) deputy Publicity Secretary, Cornelius Deveaux has said that contrary to many views from the opposition, President Koroma has injected new blood in the cabinet to continue the Agenda for Prosperity (A4P).

Cornelius Deveaux

In an exclusive interview with Mr Deveaux at the Party head office, he said that President Koroma is continuing to show Sierra Leoneans that his promise to work with the youth and young people is a fact.

“Since Sierra Leone got independence, this is the first time that we are going to have a cabinet that has more than 60% of young people. “I am very optimistic that all of us will sail through and we are going to help the president attained the party’s manifesto for Sierra Leoneans to understand that he believes in what he says.”

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He said the party executive is confident of the new appointees and everyone of them appointed are card holders of the party and they are passionate of making the party more enviable to all.”

Deveaux said he has read and listens to many people lambasting the appointments, but said politics is about risk, recognition and reward. “President Koroma appoints people that he believes will deliver and work towards the APC success story and to make sure that the A4P is rejuvenated and becomes a reality.”

He said the previous ministers have done so well, but the president believes that he must infuse fresh brains to revive certain areas that need fresh ideas.

The proposed deputy Minister of Information said the people voted for APC because they believe in the leadership of the party, they believe that the leadership decisions will always bring positive results.

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“So I am urging the people to wait and see what they will do rather than making negative comments about them when they have not even taken office. We have been performing in our areas of operations before our appointment and because of that the president saw us and believed in us to succeed. I want to make it very clear that these new cabinet if approved by Parliament is going to achieve great things before the elections.”

Contrary to opposition views that the reshuffle was for the elections, Mr Deveaux it is not correct and he believes that this new cabinet is to write the wrong of the past and continues to keep the party in power beyond 2018. He said this is the first ever cabinet in Sierra Leone to have four women ministers and lots of them as deputies.

“I want to assure all that the new cabinet will add more zest to the workings of government beyond expectation and imagination and proved the critics wrong for the greater good and for the greater number.”

Talking about Mohamed Bangura, he said if they are approved they will have a good working relationship because they are from the same constituency 92, they are young and they are both members of the party. “We will work together for the good of the country and we will show the world that young brains can always succeed.”

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He said he will work with the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) to make journalism more respectable and decent. “I have so much respect for the profession in which I am a member and the current executive is doing very well. I hope we will meet and deliberate on issues that will develop us all.”

Deveaux said one area he wants to look at will be the community radio stations and the small newspaper as he said he will want to work with them to make them be important in their communities. He also said Sierra Leone News Agency (SLENA) needed to be a formidable force again and he hopes they can make the institution great again. He further added the trust that the people has in the APC party should not diminish but to continue to grow because of what they have done and what is going on now for the future.