The dilemma of Deputy Ministers in President Koroma’s administration continues; has President Koroma destroyed the potential and resourcefulness of young Deputy Ministers, who are seen slowly but deliberately been relegated to Ministers without scheduled of work?


Taking a look into the much trumpeted and talked about young people’s involvement and inclusion in the politics and government of President Koroma, this have been argued in many quarters as promoting the participation of young people in governance, but the controversies and lack of cooperation among Ministers and Deputy Ministers is relatively unending and the President seems to be content and satisfied with this ugly prevailing circumstances.

The entire young people’s participation in President Koroma’s administration has become ironically misplaced, as it is evident the young politicians are frustrated and suffering in all fronts and lack of attention from the President, who seems to favour his Ministers than his Deputies is not helping the cause of these young politicians.

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This is unbelievable to follow the account and recounting the occurrences and activities of relationship between Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

Apparently, it is evident that in almost, all the current government Ministries, there are prolonged infighting and bad blood smeared between Ministers and Deputy Ministers, the situation is now worrisome as most of these Ministries are noticeable running their Ministries single handedly, while their Deputies are conspicuously neglected, humiliated and degraded to mere news papers readers and Facebook / whatsappp communicators. Thanks to God whatsapp and Facebook now providing free jobs for our humiliated young Deputy Ministers.

As the situation remain the same President Koroma has not taken any action to address the seemingly divide in most of these Ministries.

I will limit my discussion on few Ministries, as these impasse cut across all other Ministers.

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The Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Minister Hon. Almamy Kamara and his Deputy Minister, Hon. Fehreh Musu Conteh, both of them were Executive members of the APC Youth League, they have been in controversy for over two years and the Minister is said to have been unilaterally doing the work of his Ministry, without relating to his Deputy or holding meetings together. It has been rumoured that the road maintenance fund, is providing one billion Leones, on a monthly basis for the salaries of few youth in the scheme, it has rumoured at the corridors of the Youth Affairs Ministry, that in December 2015, the accountant of the Ministry, carted away over 500 million Leones, while the P.A. to Minister worked away with over 200 million Leones, as a result of the uncontrolled corruption in the Ministry, the moved was said to be a pay yourself antics by those workers.

The Ministry of Sports, has been under the spotlight for all the bad reasons, wherein Hon. Paul Kamara and his Deputy Hon. Al-sankoh-Conteh, whom were both renowned former civil rights activists, the dynamic and result oriented Deputy has been rendered weaken by the Minister of Sports, who is notorious of unnecessarily fighting and disturbing the smooth running and operations of the major sporting disciplines.

The Minister of Sports and his Deputy have been in strange relationship for over a year now, while the situation seems to be unending, as I was reliably informed that the Minister of Sports, has in a memo ordered and instructed all staff of the Ministry, not to inform his Deputy on any matters relating to the activities of the Ministry. It was alleged that The Minister of Sports is always been seen collecting payment made for the stadium facilities and converted it to his own. This has seriously contributed to the deplorable condition of the stadium facilities.

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The Ministry of Transport and Aviation, Hon. Balogun Koroma and his Deputy Hon. Ibrahim W. Mansaray, have not meet for over one year now and there is deep animosity between the two Ministers, this is conspicuously affecting the work of the Ministry. The Minister is forcefully doing all the works of the Ministry, without relating to his Deputy. The Minister is said to be signing contracts without making any references to his Deputy and he is seen making all the overseas traveling.

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From Moses Mack Fofana
Grassroot political activities.