The house of ‪Sierra Leone‬ opposition SLPP Eastern Region Chairman, Philip Tondoneh was set on fire yesterday night.

Philip Tondoneh-Burnt-House

According to Hon. Philip Tondoneh, his house in Gaia Village going toward Yagema Nimikuro Chiefdom was set on fire and thus not know the way about of his family.

Hon. Philip alleged that the Paramount Chief Aiah Benten Bona and Chiefdom Spaeker Abdul Komasie incited the youths who allegedly put his house on fire.

Since the incident their has been allegations and counter allegations from both the supporters and officials of the country’s main Opposition  Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) Party.

Philip Tondoneh-Burnt-House 2

Mr. Oswald Hancils, a Government functionary reportedly blame Hon. Tondoneh and his supporters for the house fire.This allegation was made through a  Social Media post submitted by Mr. Jarra Kawusu  Konteh who is Head of the Communication Unit at State House. The allegation states that supporters of Hon. Phillip Tondoneh stage managed this arson in order to implicate the APC party.

SLPP supporters on the other hand continue to show  outrage and blame the attack on   the ruling APC supporters. They believed that the house of their Eastern Regional Chairman was  burnt down as way to intimidate SLPP supporters from coming out to vote in the Saturday, December 19th, 2015 bi-election in Constituency 025.