Report from Koidu City indicates that an acting mayor and deputy mayor were voted for this morning in a meeting by councilors.

B.B. Komba-Kumba Dauda

This comes days after the questionable suspension of Mayor Emerson Lamina by the local government minister, Diana Konomanyi and accepted by President Koroma’s Office.

According to the report, Councillor B.B. Komba has been duly elected as the acting Mayor of the City Council while Councillor Veronica Kumba Dauda was elected as the new acting Deputy Mayor.

Councilor Esther Fasuluku served as the chief returning officer and SLPP Councillor Musa Fakaigbor opened the electoral process to choose a new Acting Mayor.

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Report says People from all walks of life are present including the two Paramount Chiefs whose chiefdoms make up the City, as well as other Chiefs.

Meanwhile, the suspended Mayor, Emerson Lamina has said he will accept his ongoing suspension in good faith stating that He is however confident that the proposed investigation will exonerate him.