The recent registration of Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella as Grand –Chief Patron of the party has been misconstrued by many pro- Maada Bio zealots who are misinforming the public that this is the first time KKY is registering with the party.


Now, the Chairman of the KKY Movement, Ambassador Fode Daboh, has put the records straight by informing this medium that KKY has already registered with the SLPP Bo, United Kingdom, North America and Continental Europe branches.
Hence, he went on, KKy is no stranger in the SLPP and deserves no welcome.

Daboh further stated that KKY’s recent registration was based on an invitation extended to him by the SLPP branch in Kambia from where he hails, adding that the invitation was borne out of the Kambia district’s recognition of KKY as an outstanding son of the soil who has brought pride to the district via his legendary academic and diplomatic exploits at global level.

The chairman noted that it would be most unfair for especially the media to be sending distorted information that KKY is registering only now.

Daboh called on all news outlets to be properly verifying their stories prior to publication, concluding that all the five registrations of KKY, both nationally and internationally, qualify him to be nominated as flag bearer of the SLPP.