A leaked dossier detailing the campaign strategy of the former UNIDO boss, Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella for the post of SLPP flag bearer has been obtained by Sierraloaded.


The document, replete with organogram, names and positions of campaigners now widely circulated particularly in the social media has already generated lots of controversies within the KKY camp.

Sierraloaded can confirm that some people whose names were mentioned in the campaign structure as key players have already denied supporting or ever participating in or intend to support or even take part in any KKY meeting or activities.

Among the prominent names mentioned on KKY’s campaign structure are former Vice President Solomon Berewa, Dr. Alfred Bobson Sesay, Dr. Julius Spencer of Premier Media and James Tamba Lebbie as Consultant/Advisers. Mr. J. T. Lebbie has denied knowledge of the inclusion of his name on the list.

Indications are that in the coming days and weeks, some people are likely to issue disclaimers.

See doc below.



The Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella (KKY) Campaign will consist of three parallel structures jointly working towards a common goal of persuading the vast majority of SLPP delegates to vote for Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella as the party’s Presidential Candidate for the forthcoming 2017/2018 Presidential elections at the Party Conference slated for mid or late 2016 (depending on the outcome of the agreed SLPP Family Dialogue) to elect same.

These structures consist of the following:-

The National Campaign Committee – This Committee is made up of the Campaign Advisory Board which formulates campaign policies and strategies and in partnership with the Strategic Media Team, the KKY Movement and the Campaign Management Committee implement these policies and strategies at all level of the party with the prime objective of swaying the outcome of the delegates vote in favour of KKY. This all embracing umbrella Campaign Committee also consists of a National, Regional, Districts, Constituencies, Zonal, Sections and Chiefdoms Campaign Management Committees that will manage the campaign in their locality and implement the extant policies and strategies devised by the Campaign Advisory Board at every political strata of the party both at home and abroad that constitutes the Electoral College. In this regard key leadership figures from both the Media Campaign Team and the KKY Movement will be members of the Campaign Advisory Board and the Campaign Management Committee that are both tasked with taking the lead in devising and implementing campaign policies and strategies for replication at all echelon of the campaign structure across the country.
Campaign Management Committee – The Campaign Management Committee is principally tasked with the implementation of the policies and strategies formulated by the Campaign Advisory Board. In this regard it examines the viability and where possible, review existing policies and strategies through their representatives in the Campaign Advisory Board. The Campaign Management Committee shall also establish Campaign Committees at Regional, District, Constituency and Chiefdom or Zonal/Section levels and effectively provide leadership in the management of the campaign from the lower level elections to the National Party Conference that will nominate the SLPP Presidential nominee for the forthcoming 2017/2018 Presidential elections. The Management Committee shall also regularly collaborate with both the KKY Movement and the Strategic Media Team in spearheading the campaign nationally.

Strategic Media Team – The KKY Strategic Media Team will be responsible for coordinating all media and other communications related issues. In this regard the team shall develop a media strategy, an action plan and budget for the six months period leading to the National Party Conference that will elect the SLPP flag bearer for the 2017/2018 Presidential elections. The team shall affectively engage the traditional media and adopt modern social media tools to market the images, values and policy direction of KKY and coherently articulate his inherent and unique qualities that make him the best candidate to win back State House for the SLPP in 2017/2018. The Strategic Media Team should also ensure that KKY is consistently visible in Sierra Leone’s polity and should effectively show case his achievements both locally and internationally. The Media Team should collaborate and work with the Campaign Management Team and the KKY Movement in effectively and successfully discharging its onerous task and in implementing the policies and strategies enunciated by the Campaign Advisory Board.

KKY Movement –The KKY Movement will continue to maintain its national and international structures and global presence. It will constitute the major support group in articulating the positives of KKY and in advocating for a change in Sierra Leone’s political and socio-economic narrative with KKY as the embodiment of that transformation. It will also constitute the main fund raising organ of the campaign at this stage and will work closely with the Media Team in using social media tools to promote the candidacy of KKY and influence delegates both in Sierra Leone and abroad to endorse and vote for KKY. The movement shall also take the lead in building the grand coalition of progressives that KKY has fervently postulated and in expanding the support base of the candidate to include independent voters and supporters of other parties by attracting them to the KKY candidacy and by extension to the SLPP fold. The leadership of the KKY Movement will sit in all organs of the Campaign Structure to ensure continuity in the struggle and effectiveness in further achieving the aspiration of a KKY Presidency.