The Bursar at the Islamic Secondary School in Kenema together with one accountant employed at the Kenema Sub-Treasury has been convicted by Justice Ernest Gooding of the Kenema High Court after several major prosecution by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), and are due to be sentenced on Thursday December 10, 2015.


The Bursar, Millicent Blango is indicted on 19 counts of misappropriation of public funds. Yesterday, she pleaded guilty to five out of the 19 counts and registered a plea of not guilty to 14 of the related counts.

Samuel Ngbegba, (convicted accused) an accountant, pleaded guilty to the offence of conspiracy to commit a corruption offence on which he is jointly charged with the Bursar.

According to the ACC Prosecution led by Lawyer E. K Amara Esq. and Nigel Davies, the accountant criminally conspired with the Bursar between 2012 to 2014 in the Eastern Part of Sierra Leone during which he (Samuel Ngbegba) willfully aided the Bursar who deliberately misappropriated public funds amounting to the sum of one hundred and forty-two million one hundred and ten thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine Leones being unclaimed salaries of Teachers in the Islamic Senior Secondary School.

The judge said “the offences are grave against the convicts and that corruption is a cancer in this country and we must be robust in the fight against it for the future of our country rest on education, especially on the education of our children.”

“The 2 convicts have been wicked to Children and the country in general. They are elderly people and must serve as examples to others especially to the younger generation” Justice Ernest Gooding said.

After the ruling was read by the judge, their defence counsels Samuel Taylor and Paul squire informed the court that having looked at the weight of the evidence and the charges against the accused persons, their clients have decided to change change their plea and now plead guilty to some of the counts on the indictment.

The two convicts were taken into custody at the Kenema Correctional Centre pending sentence hearing.

Millicent Blango fainted (collapsed) in court upon hearing her conviction and more especially when she was told that she has to spend 14 days in prison before she would be jailed.