The Town speaker of Moidu, Wandor chiefdom Kenema district, Junisa Ndopay has been revealed off his duty by his Paramount Chief Henry Kenewa Fangawa III of Wandor Chiefdom.

Joseph Keifala Kenema Mayor

Speaking to the press at his office, the Provincial Secretary East George Pennyikie explained that there has been a long standing family dispute between the Fangawa rulling house and the Ndopay rulling house in Wandor chiefdom before even the current Paramount Chief Henry Kenewa Fangawa came into office.

He said the Paramount Chief alleged that the town speaker of Moidu village Chief Junisa Ndopay did not give him space to mine as he is the custodian of land in Wandor chiefdom and also the town speaker did not have respect for him as an authority. Because of that he was relieved of his duty.

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The complaint was received by the out going Senior District Officer (SDO) Thomas B. Lansana who tried to handle it as it was going out of hand. He said the then resident Minister East Maya Moiwo Kaikai directed him as Provincial Secretary (PS) to investigate and reconcile the dispute amicably.

The PS maintained that he set up a team and paid a visit to the Chiefdom where he held a closed door meeting with the Paramount Chief alone, his cabinet separate and then the town speaker separate. He peacefully resolved the matter between parties during the closed door meeting, after which he sumoned all parties to address there audience at the Falla town court barray where the Paramount Chief, the Officer In Charge Boajibu Police post and other stakeholders delivered series of statement and all embraced each other which indicate that they are now to turn a new page and work for the development of the chiefdom.

George Pennyikie said having listened carefully to all parties he highlighted that they did not use or invoke the chieftaincy Act to suspend the chief and that the allegations against the town speaker is not heavy enough to warant the removal of the town speaker from office. He warned all that they want peace and tranquility in the chiefdom and therefore called on all and sundry to work together as one family.

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The provincial administration later realised that the Paramount Chief has re-allocated all the duties of the town speaker to another person. The message reached the then resident Minister East Maya Moiwo Kaikai who instructed him as Provincial Secretary to call the chief and warn him that there must exist total peace in the chiefdom.

He said he has made several calls to the PC to come to his office inorder to encourage him to ensure that total peace exist in the chiefdom but to no avail, as the Paramount Chief has always dishonoured the official call which he said is a recipe for trouble. He added that the chief has also disobeyed the political head of the region the Resident Minister who instructed him as provincial secretary to invite him.