The Information, Education and Communication officer of Kenema district council, Mustapha Musa has revealed “the management of Kenema district council has thought it necessary to lay off seven of staff,” because of the economic stranding of the council.

Joseph Keifala Kenema Mayor

The IEC officer further noted that in order to curtail further problems, council was able to pay the redundant staff for the four months they owed them. He pointed out that as an institution, it has been long since government sent funds to the district. “It was only recently that the council received first and second quarters form government,” he added.

Mustapha maintained that before taking that decision, the Human Resources Officer, Mohammed Karim consulted the EU technical adviser and the regional labour officer so as to seek advice before going ahead with the action.

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In the area of the 2014 areas mining development funds given to council, over one hundred million Leones was given to Kenema district council by national mineral Agency for development activities in the district.

The information education and communication officer emphasized that they will use the money based on the resolution taken by council.