Councilors who attended Wednesday’s Council meeting of the Kenema City Council have debunked and distanced themselves from calls made by the Mayor Joseph Samba Kefala for councilors and people of Kenema to block the convoy of president Ernest Bai KOROMA while on his way to enter Kenema this weekend, FAYIA A FAYIA reports.

Koroma-Driving 2

The Mayor in his address at the council meeting called on councilors and the people of Kenema to block the convoy of President Koroma when ever he is entering Kenema this weekend as a way of showing their dissatisfaction for he called “the bad roads and government neglect “.

“If all councilors and people of Kenema have the heart I have let us all lie on the main road and block Ernest Bai Koroma . If he kills us or not we would shown our dissatisfaction over his government’s neglect for Kenema”, Mayor Said.

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All the councilors who have spoken to this medium described the planned action of their mayor as “pettish”, “treasonable” and “unwise” and have however distanced themselves from such planned action.

It is believed that the president KOROMA is expected in both Bo and Kenema this coming weekend for various state functions.

On the issue of over ten million theft case at the Kenema city council, police says the Mayor has approached them to influence their investigation by asking for internal investigation. The police says they have granted bail to the metro police who were detained while investigation continues and that the matter will be charged soon they get sufficient evidence.

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The question many are asking is why Mayor Joseph Samba Kefala should behave as a father providing safe heaven for thieves and criminals at the Kenema city council.

“The theft case at KCC is a criminal matter and should not be compromised by the police just because the Mayor wants to protect his boys he has employed”, A councilor said.