Is Hon Palo Conteh enforcing the right law as a Minister?
Do other executive members in the ministry support his operation.
Is Hon Palo Contehthe first minister in the ministry?

What I saw today with my two eyes at Dwozark Junction was an act of injustice to the innocent people of this country. Am not in support of bikes riders but according to the press release that was out couple of days ago, Dwozark Junction was never mentioned.

Due to Hon Palo Conteh unnoticed, injustice and self interest operation, Businesses were close pupils were unable to use the Dwozark Junction bypass to go school. I personally, was forced to stay indoor due to rapid shooting of harmful gas.

Sierra Leone is a peaceful country with law abiding citizens. On behalf of the innocent youths and people in the community we call on government attention!! to fully look into this and come up with immediate solution.