At least five (5) members of the President Ernest Bai Koroma’s Cabinet has fled the country today April 4th 2018, 2018,, Sierraloaded can authoritatively report.

This follows the scheduled announcement of the Sierra Leone’s Presidential election run-off results at 10pm tonight.

Sierraloaded learnt that several names including First Lady, Sia Koroma, Karamoh Kabbah, Diana Konomanyi, Balogun Koroma are among those who have reportedly fled the country this evening.

It is understood that the Cabinet members may have absconded from the country to avoid possible prosecution from the incoming administration of Rt. Brig Julius Maada Bio.

Diana Konomanyi, one of the affected ministers is believed to have orchestrated the alleged bigamy prosecution of her ex-husband and opposition politician, Alie Kabba.

When Sierraloaded tried to reach through to the lands minister, a close confidant confirmed her abscence from the country and said “she is not likely to return to the country soon,” adding that “nobody really know where she is right at the moment.”

Apart from Diana, palpable fears have gripped virtually all the outgoing ministers, heads of parastatals and agencies of government as the Maada Bio’s government plans a total cleansing of all the ‘rots’ perpetrated by the Koroma’s administration by showing Koroma’s political appointees way out before instating a thorough probe of their activities.

The hurricane according to a close associate of Maada Bio is expected to spare no old vestige of the outgoing Koroma’s government, which the incoming Sierra Leone People’s party (SLPP) administration considers as corrupt, inept and pursuing personal agendas.