Chairman and Leader of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Chief Somano Kapen has on Sunday reacted to allegations by some aspiring presidential candidates for the SLPP symbol that they received letters of invitation with the officially signature of Kapen to attend an SLPP National Executive Council (NEC) meeting.

Somano Kapen

Munda Rogers, one of the presidential aspirants whilst speaking to Awareness Times, said the chairman and leader had invited them to the NEC meeting to serve as observers, where issues of the upcoming lower levels elections were to be discussed.

Mr. Munda Rogers said, amongst other presidential aspirants that went to attend, were Alpha Timbo and Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, to name but a few.

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The meeting he explained was outcome of a clear resolution from the Political Party Registration Commissions(PPRC), that the SLPP should ensure to have a transparent planning for all lower levels elections. Mr. Munda Rogers stated that inviting observers is nothing strange but is infact the normal thing to happen at most NEC Meetings. However, he said what turned out to be strange was that all the invited candidates and their supporters were locked outside the party’s headquarters foyer gates, thus preventing them from attending the meeting.

When the question was put to him as to why such a bizarre development, Chief Somano Kapen, chairman and leader, did not deny or confirm that he distributed invitation letters to anyone.

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However he was pressed further about his signature on an Invitation letter to Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, one of those locked out of the meeting. In response, Chief Kapen expressed dismay over Kandeh Yumkella’s decision to circulate via social media, that signed invitation letter sent to him.

According to Somano Kapen, “I never expected Dr. Yumkella to make publicity of what happened.”

Still on the bizarre unfolding Nambara inside the SLPP is that in the signed list of names of 29 individuals, that was published by the Party, with the signature of Chief Kapen, some denied ever received a letter of invitation to attend the NEC meeting.

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Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin, former chairman and leader of SLPP who was listed number one on that Observer list, told Awareness Times that he was never received an invitation from Chief Kapen to attend the meeting.

Similarly, Dr. John Karimu, a close associate of Benjamin, vehemently denied receiving an invitation from Chief Kapen but said that he only came to be aware of the list after the standoff was publicized.